The Village Hall

The Village Hall

This local village hall had an old roof and a tired interior. With its community needs ranging from toddler groups to film nights and pantomimes, the building needed to fulfill a variety of functions. The old roof and low ceilings were removed and replaced with the open rafters packed with warm insulation and new tiles giving the building a smart appearance from the outside as well as inside. The electrics were all upgraded to incorporate new speakers, stage and cinema lighting and a projector system. A brand new kitchen was fitted with new toilet facilities including one combining disabled access with baby changing. A new driveway and entrance ramps ensured the building was accessible for everyone.

Exterior View – before refurbishment.

Exterior View – after refurbishment

Side Exterior view – after refurbishment

View to back – after refurbishment

View to front – before refurbishment

View to front – after refurbishment

Kitchen – before refurbishment

Kitchen – after refurbishment

Toilet – before refurbishment

Toilet – after refurbishment