Photo Diary

Week 1: The old roof and windows are removed

Photo Diary

In this space, we will be showing week by week progress of converting a swimming pool building into a house. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @designandbuild #photobuilddiary


Week 1: Aerial view of the site

Week 1: Removing the old roof and windows

Week 2: New roof struts being put up

Week 2: Interior view of the new roof struts

Week 2: Concrete arriving

Week 2: The Car Port base is laid out

Week 3: walls for the new kitchen diner start to go up

Week 3: Internal wall dividers are laid and walls start to go up

Week 4: The roof goes on

Week 4: The pool is no more! All filled in, ready for the internal walls to be built up.

Week 4: Breathtaking views from the future kitchen window

Week 5: Internal Walls start to appear as it takes shape

Week 6: Internal walls are almost up

Week 7: The roof is on!

Week 8: First photo of 2017! A wet and wild day, but the windows are in.

Week 8: Underfloor heating pipes are laid and the fireplace is starting to take shape.

Week 9: The brickwork is completed through to the snug and its roof is started.

Week 10: The roof insulation is in for the snug and walls are being built up ready for the windows.

Week 11: The tiling has started. Lots to do!

Week 12: Internal plastering is done and the new kitchen is starting to go in.